Takes Photo App: Turn your pictures into a herky-jerky movie to spam your friends’ timelines!


In theory, Takes sounds kind of cool. Turn your pictures into a movie? Great, sign me up. However, in practice, Takes is quite cumbersome and clumsy.

What it does: “Takes doesn’t require you to take 24 photos for a second’s worth of video. It fills the gaps between images using the motion-sensing technology built into your iPhone.”

Hold up. So you’re using the time before and after I position the shot as part of the movie? You mean the random herky-jerky footage? That doesn’t sound promising. Let’s see what it looks like.

Wow. Looks like a kid with muscular dystrophy shot that. The soundtracks don’t add much value to the movies either.

So what is Takes trying to accomplish here? It’s not quite a good picture, it’s a terrible movie and they’re giving it away for free?

How are they planning to make money even if people wanted to download this mediocre product? Are they going to insert little commercials in to my movie?

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It doesn’t Takes a genius to see this company is heading for Chapter 9.