Swipp Launches Useless Product: Social Interest Graph Platform



I’m sure you’re a facebook user, ever wish there was a more detailed way to like a posting? Maybe I only just a little like something, or I really really like something, or the opposite direction, I really really am sad about something, or I really really hate something.

You don’t? Surprise, nor do I. Swipp is a recently launched company that somehow managed to receive 3.5 million dollars in funding from Old Willow Partners. Swipp has broken their company up into three parts, featuring consumer-focused apps, commercial-focused software, and a business model that can be integrated into other products by developers via an API. All of these are built with the same end-goal in mind which is to capture consumer sentiment on anything on the web where polling user opinion can be beneficial and integrating the like/dislike pro/con relationship to help people make decisions or to study influence and marketing.

The product itself is simple, you launch the app or website, enter what you’re feeling, looking at, wanting to talk about, and then adjust your mood level.
And then it takes that data about your user account and what it is that you like and dislike and makes it into cute useless charts that no one wants.

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If you check out Swipp you’ll see that a lot of work has went into this product, but the problem is that it’s not a needed product, nor is it a needed feature for any existing products which means it will attempt to make money or attempt to be bought, but no one will need or be shopping for it.

I wish there was a way that I could envision this product being better, or something that they could do that would make it worth while, but there’s nothing, this is a useless product with useless features that will be forgotten about in 3 weeks time. I could have easily thought of many better ways to spend 3.5 million USD.