Great deal or Garage sale: Overpriced Couch

Great deal or Garage sale: Overpriced Couch Couch

Another product, I can only imagine someone saying, “Gee by golly, look a couch on sale and ONLY $13,770. Here, take my money and ship that couch that test for comfort or return.”

Does anyone else feel like you’ve seen this same couch in many other stores for around 13k cheaper. There is NOTHING special or unique about the look of this couch that makes it designer. You should not waste your money on buying a couch that you have never seen, touched, sat on, or felt.

Designer: A. Rudin
Product: Wyton Sectional
Price: MSRP $13,770
Gilt’s Description: This plush sectional has sleek, sophisticated lines and enough room for everyone to hang out. The prime spot is the cushy, 6-foot chaise.




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