Great deal or Garage sale: Hobo Shirt

Great deal or Garage sale: Hobo Shirt

Let me start off this new feature by saying that I understand that fashion, design, decorating is entirely an opinion section. One persons trash is another persons treasure. However, I believe that some online retailers are using clever marketing schemes into making people think that certain products are actually worth their money. I now welcome you to the new section of my website where I ask the readers, is it worth the price or does it belong in a garage sale. Let’s begin.

Designer: Under Two Flags
Product: Cam Pullover
Price: MSRP $98.00 / Sale $39.00
Gilt’s Description: When it comes to easygoing, laid-back cool, it’s no secret that the West Coat has things on lock. And that goes double for clothing that hails from here. Need proof? Just take a look at this curated collection.

Our Description: If you want an ugly, sweater that mixes poorly designed camo (seriously, the patterns look like steaks and flower petals) then this is for you. Guaranteed to make you look like the designer hobo that you always wanted to be.

So, does this belong in a Garage Sale or a High End Retailer?



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