REVIEW: Don’t look for a job here.

Ever hear of, Is it a scam, the fittings of a really poor business model, or just taking advantage of people?

I’ve recently had the pleasure of checking out this job posting/applying website that seems to cater to the creative, tv industry, and film industry. It’s a gorgeous website, easy to use, and makes it simple to find search, and post jobs, however I didn’t realize what a horrible business model it had until I went to actually apply for a job.

They charge the applicant to apply for a job, just about any person that you talk to will tell you that you should never, ever pay to apply for a job. Most job search websites charge the company, and why do they charge the company? So that there is a legitimacy to the company.

A trickster isn’t going to pay $10 to lure people, but if you take away that fee then nothing is stopping anyone from creating fake jobs that look legit, now I’m not saying that’s what Media-Match is doing, but all sorts of companies and new startups have been known to falsely use databases, create fake job postings, in order to boost subscriptions.

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Since the applicant is the one that’s required to pay then the applicant is the one that is screwed over in the end. This company is taking advantage of a down economy, and a extremely difficult job market.

So in my opinion, this website has all the writings of taking advantage of people and you should stay away.

And because I don’t believe that this company should even be able to operate, please check out their competitors who don’t charge the applicant:

Who gave these people money…