REVIEW: Don’t look for a job here.

REVIEW: Don’t look for a job here.

Ever hear of, Is it a scam, the fittings of a really poor business model, or just taking advantage of people?

I’ve recently had the pleasure of checking out this job posting/applying website that seems to cater to the creative, tv industry, and film industry. It’s a gorgeous website, easy to use, and makes it simple to find search, and post jobs, however I didn’t realize what a horrible business model it had until I went to actually apply for a job.

They charge the applicant to apply for a job, just about any person that you talk to will tell you that you should never, ever pay to apply for a job. Most job search websites charge the company, and why do they charge the company? So that there is a legitimacy to the company.

A trickster isn’t going to pay $10 to lure people, but if you take away that fee then nothing is stopping anyone from creating fake jobs that look legit, now I’m not saying that’s what Media-Match is doing, but all sorts of companies and new startups have been known to falsely use databases, create fake job postings, in order to boost subscriptions.

Since the applicant is the one that’s required to pay then the applicant is the one that is screwed over in the end. This company is taking advantage of a down economy, and a extremely difficult job market.

So in my opinion, this website has all the writings of taking advantage of people and you should stay away.

And because I don’t believe that this company should even be able to operate, please check out their competitors who don’t charge the applicant:

Who gave these people money…



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  1. E.
    February 17, 20:40

    I had a subscription to this site for one year. It was helpful to keep an eye out for postings and it looked like the jobs were from legitimate compaines. I would search the freebies but becareful either way. Most production jobs are earned by word of mouth and who you know.

    One thing I like about media match was the profile you can create to match your skills. Still, if your pockets are tight, I’d say stick with mandy. But I wouldn’t trust media match over anything on craigslist.

  2. K.
    July 24, 11:47

    It sounds like you had a sour experience there and feel the need to trash them on things that simply aren’t backed by anything tangible… I’ve been a premium member there for quite some time and have only had positive experiences.

    As for reasons behind why they charge members, you can read the FAQ page. The site is not a traditional job search site where the jobseeker has to constantly search around; Every job that gets posted to media-match is tagged by a person (whom you can call and talk to) and emailed out to people that fit the job description. This is also presumably how they avoid all of the scammers/fake companies that you talk about.

    This site is way more than any of the competitors you listed, and your opinions are very clearly warped and very inaccurate. And on top of it all, you never even thought to look at this from the other side – jobseekers scamming companies – which can very easily happen when you reverse the payment schema, as most of the other sites do.

    • Thanks for the comment K. I didn’t have a sour experience other than that I had to pay which was the basis of my article. Their business model is making money off of job seekers who register for the site, the only thing that separates themselves from a “traditional job search site” is that they require the job seeker pay instead of the job poster. That’s really it.

      Tagging a job to an actual person doesn’t get rid of any fake job postings, not that I am saying they are doing. But potentially it is similar to dating websites where there are all those fake profiles that you could potentially contact if you only signed up and payed the monthly fee. is another site I recently discovered that’s actually great, and free as it should be. Again they should be charging the job posters not the job seekers, the job seekers are the people whom could be struggling to get by, they should go after the people who have money not the people needing to make money. I still stand my original review that everyone should AVOID.

      • P. Little
        June 25, 19:55

        I wouldn’t waste the time talking to most of the people on this page. It’s pretty easy to notice that out of the 5 comments listed up front, yours and “Film Commercial Editor” are the only ones with detailed names (even if FCE is a rather general name) while other names are single letters of the alphabet and just so happen to all be promoting Media Match.

        In short, it’s self-promotion to discourage future readers of your article.

        • Lynn
          September 30, 19:26

          Ur a smart little cookie! And I will be taking BOTH of you guys’ advice and will not be applying to media match.!

          God Bless

  3. a
    September 05, 17:33

    hey you know what? media-match got me a bunch of jobs. jobs that paid actually money. unlike anything on craigslist.

  4. Last year I took advantage of a one year discounted subscription with media-match. I wasn’t a big fan of having to pay for a job site, but thought maybe it would weed out some of the non-serious applicants. Now I’m coming up on the end of my subscription and I can tell you I received ZERO jobs through this site. My profile was very detailed and even had solid reels uploaded to their site. I applied to many jobs, sometimes minutes after they were posted and received nothing. In many cases I was more than qualified for the position and they didn’t even look at my profile. In fact, out of the many jobs I applied for over the year, only 1 individual contacted me and just to say I was lucky he even contacted me, since he received several hundred responses to his super low-budget project.

    Now, the website is done well and very useful, but the reality is a well made, job listing site still doesn’t bring in clients. I’m sure there is a small percentage of users that did receive work through the site, but I’m willing to bet it’s a VERY SMALL percentage of individuals who are at the very top of the work chain. For the entertainment industry, it just isn’t worth it and a waste of money.

  5. GStorm
    January 08, 13:17

    To be fair the listings are good ones and easy to search. However, I soured when I discovered they also run and there are different posts on each which means if you are looking for a job in an entertainment field and might be musically related you need to sign up for both, so then you are up to $20 a month. It’s a good business model if you are trying to scrape every penny you can from people, a bad one if you are looking for work.

  6. Michael
    March 07, 23:43

    I also got a couple of jobs in the New York area with them. it’s probably not good outside of major cities. I’ve also noticed a few of there jobs will be posted on other free sites. This really isn’t the sites fault, but more so the job posters.

  7. Diego
    February 12, 13:05

    They take job postings from free sites like, repost them, and charge you $10/Month.

  8. Lindsey Stewart
    December 08, 02:08

    I don’t care if they are legit or not. It’s ridiculous to pay them to apply. Most legitimate sites charge the company posting their ad, NOT the applicant.

    Avoid this crappy company, regardless if they are or aren’t a scam.

  9. Sorry you feel this way. I can relate. I sometimes get so tight for money that I complain about the dealer who takes care of my car and keeps me on the road. I have to be careful, though because that can take me down a dark life-path to where I feel friends, family, even people I don’t know (other U.S. Citizens) owe me a living. Not a good place to be for my own sense of self-worth.

    I’ve taken advantage of Media-Match’s $30 discount for a few years running. I wait for the coupon, ’cause I would never pay them $60. I agree, not many jobs come through—but I don’t really blame Media-Match. That is the nature of the “profession” I’ve chosen. In my own experienc, Mandy has nothing. Production Hub about the same. Once in a blue moon I get a gig from Craigslist. The ONE thing I would love to see Media-Match improve is if they would completely DROP any free/deferred payment gig. If I’m paying for a list of job postings, I want to see PAYING jobs! Anyway, I’ll keep my account active as long as I can get the $30/year rate. When I can’t I wont. That ONE job I get every two years from Media-Match is worth it.

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