Evil Kohl’s Black Friday Model

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Tech & Startups

When your company sounds like an STD or Sex position: ThunderClap.it

Recently came across a company by the name of http://thunderclap.it. I’ve never laughed so hard at the idea that ThunderClap is either: 1. A new type of VD “I’m sorry

Tech & Startups

Clinkle Preview: The most overhyped startup in a long time

If you haven’t heard of Clinkle yet then you’re about to! It’s one of the most overhyped pointless startups in a long time.  It’s another startup trying to break into the


This one sentence, sums up Bragi…

From TheVerge: But walking around outdoors proved that the Bluetooth connection is still frail. I had trouble streaming music with my phone in any of my back jeans pockets. … This


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