Sprout Social!  STOP EMAILING ME!

Sprout Social! STOP EMAILING ME!


My Poor Email Inbox

So recently I was searching for a ‘do it all’ tool that would help me manage my social existence on the web.  I came across this tool called sproutsocial which in theory is a great tool, I used it for a couple days, it’s a very pretty tool, and it helps me see my analytics across twitter, facebook, and linkedin.  But jumping back to that last sentence, I used it for only a couple days, Possibly from Sept 14th – Sept 16th, I stuck in my data and looked at it and then walked away.  Haven’t logged in since, and then the first email arrived.

Email #1:

My name is [Name Redacted] and I am a Product Specialist at Sprout Social, focusing on helping businesses begin their social media efforts. Based on our expertise, we designed a new ‘Launch’ program to help businesses get the most out of their social media campaigns in as little as 60 days.

The Sprout Social team will build your social media profile and then help you implement your social media plan by showing you what type of information to post and who to engage with each day. After completion of our Launch program, we will set you free into the social media world with all of the skills you need to succeed.

I would love the opportunity to set up a call to run through all the details of the program. My goal is to show you everything we have to offer and make sure Launch is a great fit!

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

But what SproutSocial doesn’t list anywhere on their website, is that they are going to constantly email you and try and upsell you. I stopped using their services by this point, their admin tool should show when I last logged in right?  Fine, i’ll just ignore it since there isn’t an unsubscribe link.  Then 5 days later…

Email #2:

I just wanted to check back in with you to see if you are interested in getting your business’ social media off the ground with our Launch program. Our new program is offering to review any social media efforts you currently run and also add ones you haven’t yet. After we decide if this program is a great fit for your business, our Sprout Social experts will modify and increase your presence in as little as 60 days. The program will help you implement your social media plan by showing you what type of information to post and how to engage with your followers, fans, and prospective customers. After completion of Launch, we will set you free into the social media world with all of the skills you need to succeed.
I would love the opportunity to hear more about what you hope to accomplish with social media to see ifLaunch is the right fit for your business.

When is a good time to talk this week or next?

Alright, from the same person, same email signature, now I’m not so sure if these emails are automated. Still haven’t logged back into my account.

Then instead of taking the non-reply as a hint that I wasn’t interested- 2 days later.

Email #3:

I wanted to check back in with you as a final follow up regarding our Launch program. After assessing your business’s current social media presence, we think you could benefit in a great way from our program. If you are interested in learning more, please let me know!
If it is not the right time to move forward with your social media marketing efforts, please feel free to check back with us when you are ready.

Good luck!

Yep! Another email, and now this time she’s ‘assessed’ my social media presence.  Somehow I don’t believe this, just another sales tactic, I hope other people aren’t falling for this.

[Name Redacted], stop emailing me!! Give me an unsubscribe button to your damn sales emails.  I signed up for a free account, I’m testing the service out, send me 1 email-fine, 2? Alright now you’re pushing it. Three?! Deleting my account because I have no idea when these emails will ever stop.

EDIT: After reading Justyn Howard’s comment below, I’ve decided to remove the name of the salesperson at Sprout. But I hope that my shedding light onto these annoying sales tactics that it will help liberate and stop our email boxes from being flooded with Spam.




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  1. Zach
    September 30, 14:56

    Blog boy-

    I’m not trying to stir anything up, but you must be pretty hard up for something to write about if this is the best you can come up with. I have heard pretty good things about Sprout Social so I decided to google it to check it out. I came across your blog and it seems to me you could have handled this with a little more professionalism. How about you just send Ms. Bollinger an email back asking her to please remove you from the mailing list rather than slander her name all across the web. Anyways, if this is how you handle yourself in all your daily interactions, I feel sorry for you man. You might be wound a little too tight….For those of you looking to use Sprout Social, I think it is a great service and have heard nothing but good reviews by those who use it.

    • Walter Marrero
      September 30, 15:29

      Ultimately I’ve heard good things about them as well, I’m not going after the company itself but their sales tactics from the specific employee that was assigned my account.

      I shouldn’t have to ask her to remove me, I should be able to ignore one email and she should have taken the hint that I wasn’t interested. Sending one email is fine since it offers a helping hand to the new customer, but when I never reply to the emails or give any hint that I’m interested in being upsold, the additional emails are unwarranted.

      Even two emails would work, but to still send out a third email when I haven’t even logged into the account since before the first email was sent, it’s just annoying at this point. And this is a bullshit line “After assessing your business’s current social media presence” because I know what data was in my account at the time and there’s nothing to really assess.

      I still thank you for posting your thoughts on my blog though.

  2. Justyn Howard
    September 30, 15:13

    Hi Walter,

    I’m posting here rather than email to respond to your concerns, as I understand email is not a good method of contact. We apologize to have bothered you as it certainly wasn’t our intention. Since these emails were sent directly from our employee to you (a Sprout user at the time), and not by a machine, their are no opt-out or unsubscribe buttons.

    We’ll happily make sure you don’t receive any further emails. I think it’s unfortunate that you would use one of our employees names (google it) – please replace it with my name instead. She was just trying to help and I’m responsible for the actions of my company.

    If I can help in any other way, please feel free to reach me directly at the email address associated with this comment. Thanks – and sorry again if we gave you a bad impression.

    Justyn Howard
    President, CEO
    Sprout Social, Inc.

    • Walter Marrero
      September 30, 15:29

      I’ve updated the post to remove her name. I’m seeing these follow up emails more and more with businesses which is why I felt it was time for someone to say something as I’ve said in my comment above, I appreciate the first email that comes out, but wish they stopped with that.

      Our inboxes are full enough and for salespeople to keep ‘pestering’ when we have since stopped logging into the account and haven’t given the salesperson any hint that they should keep contacting is annoying. Three emails is excessive when not one single email was replied to.

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