Sorry again for the late posting of this email, we’ve apparently missed a couple in our inbox. And apparently whether or not I like it,  it looks like I’m now  included in the bcc: mailing list from That’s Not Okay NY.

Since we’ve last written our review of their website they’ve completed a few modifications on their site which I’ll be more than happy to take a little credit for :).

The website is way more pleasing to the eye, they appear to have real advertisements on the site! And they have added the ability to upload  photos of what is and isn’t ok and then tag that photo with their watermark.  Sure it appears as if that the same photos here can be seen on other sites such as, but it appears as if they are off to a good start.

But I still stand by my original statement that any investors should stay far far away, and that this is a hobby website for weekend fun and NOT a business model by any means.

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