Anyone else have a flashback to the movie “Requiem for a Dream” when they read this name? Specifically the “Juice By You” part of the film. Juice! Juice! Juice!

Holy hell, is there really this much money in aggregating (“borrowing”) news links to other sites? I really don’t understand the unique selling principle behind this and other news sites.  Why someone would choose to actually use this site over the hundreds of others, and why someone felt the need to start yet another news aggregating web resource is beyond my comprehension.  But the real question is how the hell does something like this cost $520,000 USD to run?! (Source: CrunchBase),

Njuice is a news service that focuses on web, mobile and tablets. We aim to deliver personal news, recommended for you, faster than anyone else while delivering the best reading experience possible.

WTF is unique about that? Honestly Njuice, and I’d really like an answer to this, what makes you different than google news, yahoo, msn, huffington post and every other news aggregate site? Please send me an answer, I’ll publish it!.

If you really want this website to be engaging in any sort of way, then first you need to find out whatever it is that makes you unique, and showcase that within the first 10 seconds of your visitor arriving. Perhaps then, I’ll stay long enough to actually read something.  And don’t give me the “personal news, faster than anyone else” line.

I have an idea, use some of that 520K to make your website compatible with modern web browsers such as Chrome, see that screenshot above? Your search box isn’t long enough for the preset text and yes, I was viewing your website at 100%, latest version, mac os.

Websites like this are perfect examples of the ways “entrepreneurs” are able to completely con investors within the dot com industry, and it’s also an even bigger example of the ignorance of investors who have absolutely no idea of the industry that they are even investing in.

Please tell me who you convinced to give you money so I can sell them some dirt that’s piling up in my backyard.




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