Sciddy’s website is dedicated to finding seniors discounts. A great idea, the senior demographic is a very sought after demo, usually people that fall in this demographic tend to not want to part with any extra income and can be on a fixed budget. But as the saying goes, you can’t take it with ya, right?

Anyway, very few senior citizens seem to have any sense of the web, even as tech and web centric I am, I still can’t get my grandparents to use the internet, or get past email. So trying to even get them to type in the web address would be a hilarious conversation in itself. Let alone, trying to be social about it, HA! Forget it.


First, share the discounts you find with friends and family. Believe us, they’ll appreciate the savings. Second, share new discounts you find with us! Sciddy is constantly in search for senior discounts. If you come across one we’ve missed tell us about it here!

They want the senior citizens to be able to find deals in their local neighborhood, and then tweet, facebook, email them deals?! Did they ever even beta test this with their actual target demographic?

I used the site for a bit and searched around my neighborhood, there aren’t any deals in any of the major cities, I searched within 10 miles of New York City, and sadly I think their participation is lacking, big surprise.

So the question is, Who Gave Them Money?! Well apparently Dirxon did!



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