Sciddy’s website is dedicated to finding seniors discounts. A great idea, the senior demographic is a very sought after demo, usually people that fall in this demographic tend to not want to part with any extra income and can be on a fixed budget. But as the saying goes, you can’t take it with ya, right?

Anyway, very few senior citizens seem to have any sense of the web, even as tech and web centric I am, I still can’t get my grandparents to use the internet, or get past email. So trying to even get them to type in the web address would be a hilarious conversation in itself. Let alone, trying to be social about it, HA! Forget it.


First, share the discounts you find with friends and family. Believe us, they’ll appreciate the savings. Second, share new discounts you find with us! Sciddy is constantly in search for senior discounts. If you come across one we’ve missed tell us about it here!

They want the senior citizens to be able to find deals in their local neighborhood, and then tweet, facebook, email them deals?! Did they ever even beta test this with their actual target demographic?

I used the site for a bit and searched around my neighborhood, there aren’t any deals in any of the major cities, I searched within 10 miles of New York City, and sadly I think their participation is lacking, big surprise.

So the question is, Who Gave Them Money?! Well apparently Dirxon did!




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  1. Bev
    June 12, 13:12

    Just how old are your grandparents? I’m 57 and am on the internet everyday. I blog, Facebook, Twitter and use the web to search for everything from shopping discounts to a second opinion or even a first opinion for my health care as well as my family’s. Trouble is many sites such as Sciddy and Groupon promise a lot but deliever very little. What’s 15 % when most stores run sales on a daily basis ? And Sweetie, aren’t most people on a fixed budget these days ? If you spend it all now you won’t have anything for tomorrow. I may not be taking it with me but I want it for as long as I need it while I’m still here.

    • walterm
      June 14, 14:49

      Mine are in their 70?s and going into their 80?s. I do agree that there is a strong generation that do understand the internet and how it works, but I believe that the majority of that demographic does not.

      I completely agree with your statement about a lot of these dot com websites under preforming. They absolutely promise a huge amount, which is when their investors throw all sorts of money at it, and barely even deliver 1% of it.

  2. susie
    June 19, 10:58

    My husband is 60 and I’m 54 and we use Groupon all the time. It’s great.We subscribe to three cities in our area. We’ve been to museums,cruises, dinners..even the hardware store. Our eye dr. just had a 70% off groupon..some groupons are as high as 70% off..
    I give them 5 stars

  3. Howard
    June 29, 17:32

    Does anyone check accuracy and currency of Sciddy’s listings? I looked at several categories for Evanston, IL 60202 and under bakeries found several that have been out of business for years and a friend’s design business listed because her name, “Cookie” is in the name of the business. In the Shopping category I found two camera stores listed that have also been out of business for several years. Makes you wonder.

  4. Niemietz
    July 27, 03:27

    Beta. Software undergoes beta testing shortly before it’s released. Beta is Latin for “still doesn’t work.”

  5. Carolyn
    August 01, 13:48

    Complete waste of time, one of the worst websites ever. I happen to know that several restaurants in our area advertise their senior specials but Sciddy says “contacted but does not have a discount”.

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