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PayTango Aims to Make It Super Easy to Steal To Steal Your Identity

YC-Backed PayTango has a bold claim, they want to be able to link the credit cards in your wallet to your fingerprints. A great idea in theory, but one that


Doggy Datez: Mark your Desperation.

Doggy Datez is a new social network iPhone app made to enrich the lives of dog owners. They push this app out into the world telling users they can use

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“”, A waste of $170.

You might want to think again and shop from a local florist before giving $170 to this Valentines Day, or any holiday for that matter.


Clothing: Ralph Lauren and their Love of Photoshop

Ralph Lauren, I’m onto your tricks, viewers I ask you to look at the image on the left. This was on one of their display racks, what’s the difference between

Real Life

Hint Water, is not enjoyable

I recently had the opportunity to try out Hint Water blackberry flavor which bills itself as a “Premium Essence Water.” It was at an event where you could try out