REVIEW: YayYoIPO – The One IPO to AVOID this year!

White watching MSNBC earlier, an interesting commercial came on:

So we googled, and came across this website, YayYoIPO, it turns out this company is offering a simple ridesharing app, “YayYo is a single sign-on metasearch app for your smartphone that provides price comparison and booking of eventually all available ride sharing and taxi services along with select limousine and public transportation services”.

Now there’s already quite a bit of apps that do this for you already, but these losers are trying to go straight to an IPO and are currently raising money targeting non-accredited investors.

Look we’re not trying to be financial advisors, but if a company is launching basically an ‘invest in us kickstarter’ on daytime tv, it might be a risk, it might be a major risk.  Also if that is for an app that doesn’t seem to have a decent model for profit and it’s app competitors are currently free apps, might also not be a good path to profit.

So we’re going to give this company the biggest AVOID notice as possible.

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  • LP9086

    It’s the Sienfield character lol

  • I agree…total scam! Look at the disclosures. One of the key figures is a convicted criminal.

  • John

    The guy in the commercial should be afraid to be seen in public.