Will Laundrapp fail also?

The world is full of laundry apps, Cleanly, FlyCleaners, ZipJet, IHateIroning.com, Washbox, and Asteria Cleaners are some of the more notable ones, and now Laundrapp.  What makes Laundrapp oh so special?

But then last year the first of them began to fall, Washio was the first. Washbox and Asteria Cleaners were both acquired by Laundrapp.  The acquisition was most likely to eliminate the competition.

How do laundry apps function? Well they do follow the chart that laundrapp posts below, however what tends to happen is the “We Clean” phase, isn’t really them cleaning normally it’s outsourced and your clothes visit a different laundromat each day.

What laundrapp hopes to change is instead of being a company that’s mainly doing laundry its plan to offer their app technology to offer laundry companies on a city and state basis, giving them the power to take their businesses into the app age.

Will it succeed? Laundromats traditionally offer a very razor thin margin business as it is, will they want to pay licensing fees to a startup that may or may not bring business in?

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