Juicero, the overpriced juicer $350 > $699 >$399 + $$$

What a great idea? A simple way to make cold pressed juice at home, wait how much is it? $399? (Which is the price at the time of this post, the price seems to vary a bit, see headline)

Surely if it costs that much the packs that you buy must be pretty cheap, they most definitely aren’t adopting the printer industry business plan of cheap printers but expensive ink are they.  Oh the juice cartridges aren’t any cheaper than buying it from your local juice presser? OK now this just doesn’t make any sense.

So $399 for the juice presser, and then  each pack varies between $5 and $8?

And before you even ask, how many servings does each pack contain? Correct, 1. Each one of those overpriced package is only enough for 1 glass.

Juicero, you’re currently #1 on the ripoff scale.

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