Etsy Approaches Day 6 of Downtime – Blames WorldPay

Last update from Etsy was from Bill Massie from sbillmassie 1:59 pm Jul 5, 2016 EDT.

Etsy’s third-party payment processor continues to have a technical issue that is resulting in delays in payment processing. We are still working closely with them to resolve the delay in payment confirmation and we will continue to provide updates here as we work towards resolution.

See here for their FAQ on this issue.

Seems like quite the big hit for them to be without a payment processor for 6 days now.

Who is this mystery third party payment processor? WorldPay apparently.

Either way it’s very much effecting all of their customers being able to buy and ship their products.

I wonder what happened to them attempting to build out their own payment processor that was announced back in 2012.

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