This could be the perfect compromise for pirates & copyright holders

As the war against pirates and copyright holders continue, a new idea has appeared coming from Warner Bros and Rightscorp, the company behind the scheme.

“The damage to WB from your conduct substantially exceeds $20, but in the interest of having you stop your infringement of WB content permanently, WB is prepared to make you this settlement offer,” the notice explains.

There’s no other way of going about it, if this is a VALID claim against the user, the user is in the wrong, I think $20 as a fine is the perfect solution, it’s not too big, it’s not too small to go unnoticed.  And it’s most definitely not the tens of thousands of dollar claims with legal bills that we have seen.

In this dollar range, pirates are more likely to switch over to being non pirates.  I think we’re well on our way to a solution if this keeps up.

Settlement offer

Settlement offer

  • Bosch

    Considering how routinely mis-aimed these claims are, this feels more like a mafia protection racket than a compromise. Remember the time one company (I think the RIAA?) tried to file a copyright claim against the loopback IP? Circumventing the legal system to demand money from people for things you haven’t even proven they did seems way too questionable, even though I agree the amount on offer isn’t individually egregious.

  • Amy Madragana

    Typical greedy TROLLING lawyers get added as ‘trackers’ on torrents. Delete all Trackers..