Undercover Boss CEO Can’t Afford a Decent Photoshop Job

One of our favorite shows, Undercover Boss, follows CEO’s and Company presidents as they embark on an hour long fluff piece that makes their company look sweet and innocent.  The idea is that if you make the company appear human that then people will actually go out and shop there.

Anyway, while watching the episode from the newest season, s06e01, we came across, John Hartmann, the President and CEO of True Value talking about how amazing their photoshopped 21 year old college student daughter is.

So we’re going to post it here. Note: When you can’t see any pores, and the skin looks like it came from a doll, it’s fake.

Screen Shot 2014-12-28 at 12.02.52 PM


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  • Feminist

    Tiffany, buy some makeup. Then you’ll know you don’t need photoshop to hide pores. Why would you attack a young woman? That’s probably why you are so widely known and so obviously whitty.