BlackListed Website

Jeanie Cha, Rebecca Bregman and Sarah Cattano are robbing you of your money.

We’ve reviewed quite a few websites (Past Review) that target niche industries and scam their users for access to job postings.  FriendsInTv is just another one of those websites that charges the users instead of the job posters. founded by Jeanie Cha, Rebecca Bregman and Sarah Cattano, they started a website in 2009 that was free for job searchers.

Avoid this website and stick with free websites so that they are SHUT DOWN.

  • NYC

    Wow, bitter party of one, your table is ready.

    Have been an FITV devotee for years and comically found them associated with this sad, bitter excuse of a website today. Amusing!

    Listen, I happily made the switch when FITV approached its members about the switch to a pay model. It was a reasonable request, and it was made openly and honestly. But I’m guessing that must not have turn up in the “through[sic] research” you did before adding them to your “BlackList,” because had you done any actual research you would know that.

    I know, don’t feed the trolls. But you looked so hungry…

  • Walter Marrero

    Thanks for the comment, they are blacklisted because of charging job seekers. Why couldn’t they have charged the people hiring (who have the money?), that’s typical of a website such as that.

    A site like that uses a backend just like this website, and once it’s built costs very little to maintain.

    If you google about companies that charge users to view listings, they tend to be on the same level as a scam. The unemployed are the ones struggling, have no money, seeking work, they shouldn’t have to pay out.