WARNING: ThinPL & Fuze Card, 4 reasons to AVOID.

Three reasons why this company should be on your radar and not in the good way: All-in-one credit cards are nothing new, and actually very few of them have actually


REVIEW: YayYoIPO – The One IPO to AVOID this year!

White watching MSNBC earlier, an interesting commercial came on: So we googled, and came across this website, YayYoIPO, it turns out this company is offering a simple ridesharing app, “YayYo

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WARNING: How FundedToday Helps But Mostly Hurts Kickstarters & IndieGoGo Projects

[UPDATE 03/14] One of Funded.Todays former customers has come out saying that their project required a $5,000 “Test Fee” followed by 40% of the rewards earned. [And … WSJ Reported last


Is Modbook Pro X the Next Big KickStarter Failure?

On July 30, 2014, a company by the name of Axiotron Modbook (Of which former Apple Steve Wozniak is apart of) launched a kick starter campaign, “Modbook Pro X — 15.4″ Retina

Failed Kickstarters

Is GlocalMe/uCloudlink a fake company that’s tricking consumers and kickstarter?

UPDATE Nov 20: Was this whole thing fraud? One of our users, John, left this comment: “What happened to the G2. All mention of it on Amazon is gone, and


The Ring Is Real and is Horrible

More fluf over at TechCrunch, they just gave a bunch of free and great press to a company called Logbar.  It covers a product that went crazy on KickStarter called The


KICKSTARTER: Don’t Waste Your Money on OpenShot

There’s a new project on KickStarter, I mean a new project for you to waste your money on. This project is one that aims to rid us of all the