Swipp Launches Useless Product: Social Interest Graph Platform

I’m sure you’re a facebook user, ever wish there was a more detailed way to like a posting? Maybe I only just a little like something, or I really really

Tech & Startups is Shutting Down

Most people awoke today to find out that loosecubes is shutting down. Loosecubes was a great service, that I actually used early on, which allowed me to find an office.


Exec will wait in line to buy your iphone 5

Well this is a tad ridiculous, and they sent out this email the moment the same minute the iphone 5 was announced. It actually seams like this could turn to


Do you want to rock out to music and your tweets?

PSFK has a listing of the top 5 apps of the week, which lists some pretty interesting apps, however there is one app that doesn’t deserve to be anywhere near


SuitSupply Email

And look at the ridiculousness of this email newsletter that arrived on my inbox today. They opened up a location in Washington D.C. and decided that their picture should illustrate


Hello Little Printer: $260 Dollars?!

Ah yes, in the age of cloud computing, newspapers dying, and both books and textbooks trying to make the switch to the paperless lifestyle there are still a few holdouts.




Tech & Startups

REVIEW: Where went wrong.

Dear Meebo, You have a problem. You used to be a great company, you used to be a personal favorite of mine. Your IM services used to be second to

Tech & Startups

REVIEW: & Same company, same products, different prices.

While browsing through my daily spam emails, I noticed something in my email status window, when looking at TheFoundary’s email a connection was created to pull images from Since

Great Deal or Garage Sale

Great deal or Garage sale: Overpriced Couch

Another product, I can only imagine someone saying, “Gee by golly, look a couch on sale and ONLY $13,770. Here, take my money and ship that couch that test

Tech & Startups

Great deal or Garage sale: Hobo Shirt

Let me start off this new feature by saying that I understand that fashion, design, decorating is entirely an opinion section. One persons trash is another persons treasure. However, I

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REVIEW: Another SCAM job website?

It’s real sad when we have a horrible worldwide economy and there are crummy, scam artist websites that popup to take advantage of hard working individuals. We just reviewed another

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What’s – “It’s kind of like foursquare”

Hey GyPSii? Might want to tell your employees not describe your company as a company that is just like your competition.