Tech & Startups

It’s definitely not all sugar and spice at Blue Apron

It’s learning that tech startups still have to take care of their warehouse staff. BuzzFeed has learned that Blue Apron’s Richmond, California fulfillment center has had numerous crime and safety


Of course another kickstarter is under investigation

Is anyone surprised at this point? Everyones favorite 40 lb cooler is currently investigation from the Oregon Department Of Justice.  Why? Well two years later, all of the original backers still don’t


Is everything Samsung exploding because they used to make Tanks?

Fun fact, did you know Samsung was a weapons manufacturer until last year? Yes, they used to make and sell tanks. Up until last year, these were Samsung branded items. Is


Why is Total Wireless Misleading Customers on Service?

Why is total wireless lying about their network? You’ve all seen the map that Verizon or AT&T post that show their global coverage.  It looks a bit like this one


Is Honest Co. upset that Unilever is buying Seventh Generation?

I hope so, because Honest Co. makes some of THE WORST PRODUCTS ever.  We’ve tested some of their products over the years including their dishwasher detergent.  And…  they are garbage,

Reality TV

Oh Netflix, charging more for less

I used to think that Hulu, HBO Go, Showtime, Amazon Prime were striving to become more like Netflix, when actually Netflix is striving to be more like Hulu and HBO Go.

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