This WILL hurt Uber…

and it’s only a matter of time before other countries start to follow. In a landmark case in the UK, Uber drivers are now considered employees. User /u/atohitotsu from reddit has written

Failed Kickstarters

Kickstarter Fail: Barracuda is trying to lure users in again with a Backpack

Remember Barracuda? We wrote about them, a few times, *sigh. Well they finally started shipping this past month with 1 week turn around times, they launched the Barracuda Bag on Kickstarter in

Tech & Startups

Bad @Vine Stars try to hold the App Hostage

So last week Twitter announced that they were shutting down Vine. The specific reasons were unknown but we’re going to guess it’s due to traffic plummeting and people not yet

Tech & Startups

iOS: Vigilante App Profits by putting you in danger

Vigilante for iOS exited beta yesterday and they have been marketing it as a great way to assist your neighbors that are frequently being attacked. Well the question came up as

Tech & Startups

Apple Leaks Yet Another Product

What’s the point of having MacRumors, 9to5mac, and AppleInsider if Apple is just going to leak their own products, they did it with the iPhone 7 earlier this year, and


Uh Oh, Hinge is wondering why users don’t want to pay

We wrote about Hinge launching their new dating app, a couple weeks back, and currently  they are rocking a low 2.5 star review on iTunes. Most of the reviews are


Apple AirPods aren’t ridiculous says CNET, we disagree [Photos]

Here’s CNET’s article, and these photos they posted make us disagree, we’re just going to assume that you agree with us.  

Tech & Startups

Space Laws + #FAA + #SpaceX

Gizmodo posted an article last week questioning if Elon Musk’s Crazy Mars Plan is Even Legal, but the summary is basically this: In the United States, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)


Kickstarter Fail: The Wolfe Supercharge Your Laptop (Canceled)

At least they refunded all the donations. We actually had some sneaky suspicions about this box when they first announced it. The simple of the device was that it allowed


Arcadia Power uses misleading marketing quote in their advertisements

Arcadia Power is currently sending out this mailer to NYC residents, hoping to get them to sign up for their services, but one thing about this ad caught my eye,


What Samsung’s Fireproof Boxes for the Galaxy Note 7 Look Like

And just a note, the gloves aren’t necessarily to handle the phone with but are meant in case you happen to be allergic or want to protect yourself against the chemicals


HP adds thunderbolt 3 to their entire line, Apple gives up?

Remember Thunderbolt? This was an amazing standard that Apple/Intel came up with and introduced across their mac line back in 2011. But what you may not realize is that it’s


REVIEW: Smarter iKettle takes 11 Hours to Boil water for Tea

Gizmodo has an amazing writeup which was courtesy of The Guardian on Data specialist Mark Rittman and his struggle to make tea.  He started around 9:00AM, but found himself in an

Website Reviews

Radpad WARNING – Check Returned due to insufficient funds

Now take this with a grain of salt, however if you’re a user of Radpad you might want to read this.  Radpad which bills it as a simple way to accept and

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