Vice + ESPN = No Viewers

Vice + ESPN = No Viewers


Is Vice the next Al Jazeera? Remember back in 2013 when they took over Al Gore’s, Current TV? They went on that massive hiring spree across the US.

Currently Vice is doing the same with their TV station ViceLand, it started out the same way, they took over The History Channels’s H2.

It was reported earlier this year by IBT that ViceLand is having trouble getting people to tune into their channel.

The average daily viewership of the channel over its first three weeks is a massive 77 percent lower than H2’s viewership over the last three weeks of its existence, according to Rentrak data obtained by International Business Times. And if you think the percentage is bad, the raw numbers are worse: H2 averaged a little over 241,000 viewers a day during that time period. Viceland? Just over 55,000. Viceland’s first week averaged around 60,400 viewers a day.

It’s all very similar to what Al Jazeera went through.  What’s Vice’s plan? Well it’s to partner up with ESPN.  And other than the fact that other than their target demos only similarity is the age of their followers, most of their demographic is completely different and targeting very different types of individuals.

And if you haven’t heard ESPN is currently in trouble as well, so this seems to be another in a string of bad choices for ESPN, and possibly the first of many bad choices for ViceLand.



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