First I would like you to answer these questions:

Do you love quizzes & tests?
Do you have plenty of time to waste?
Do you feel like you need to showoff constantly to your friends?

If you answered yes to all the questions above, then Smarterer is perfect for you! Smarterer is based around the idea that you have a strong desire to take tests about how well you know your way around social networks and miscellaneous applications.   What could be more fun than testing, testing, and more testing! And then after you finish each quiz you can “Share Your Score” so all of your friends know how smart you are.

Some of the hard hitting questions include:
“How do you post a note on your profile?”
“What can businesses use “Specials” for [in Foursqure]?”

Now I will mention that some of the applications they support are professional applications which actually could be quite helpful and fun during any interview process.  What could be more fun than to line people up during an interview, and let Smarterer give each person 20-30 seconds to determine if they get a job or not.  I think you should strap them to a lie detector just for the fun of making them sweat a little bit.

I personally can’t wait to see my fellow twitter/foursquare/social network addicts adding a little box with a URL to their resume where they have this stats.  Those will be the first resumes I throw into the trash.

5 seconds, go!
Is this site a waste of money?

So as with all of my posts, Who gave them money?  Well apparently True Ventures and Google Ventures had $1.25 million laying around to give people to take tests.


  • MeL

    The objective is for users to demonstrate what they know about a given topic in a professional environment – it’s not about showing off for friends or wasting time.

  • Many thanks for providing really informative posts on your website. How can I share it on Facebook?

  • somegirl

    Unfortunately the professional tests I took seemed to made up almost entirely of knowing keyboard shortcuts … which I could look up on a chart next to me and quickly ace the test. I know personally I would want to hire someone who actually knows how to use the software instead of just looking up a shortcut on a chart.

  • Todd

    Well the thing about Smarterer is it IS a waste of time. All the website does is have tests. They create fake job ads on Craigslist of about every major city. And it’s the SAME ad with the same wording over and over and over again. Smarterer is a scam. Who gave them money indeed?